Design for visual communication

For me, visual design is a process aimed at giving meaning to information and making it understandable and accessible. My vision of the work of a designer is one of a mediator who, through an in-depth period of research, creates visual systems that are able to translate information into visual language.
I am involved in the design of visual identity systems, creative direction, graphic design and illustration – with a focus on communication for the arts and culture industry.


Identity systems are like ecosystems in which the logo is just one of the many elements involved in the construction of a new lexicon. I collaborate with artists, musicians, exhibition spaces, institutions and arts and culture events.


In my way of working, illustration is always at the service of an integrated communication project, in which words and images talk to each other continuously. In this context, the images stimulate reflection and take on a narrative function that is the meeting point between personal sensitivity and the communications needs of the individual project. Ida, the studio I manage, has won important national and European awards.


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